Saturday, November 28, 2009

Raymond Lee Jennings Trial for Murder, he is Guilty!

Raymond Lee Jennings, an AWOL member of our Military forces who was absent without leave killed Michelle OKeefe on that Feb 22nd night in 2000. HE FAILED 3 POLYGRAPH TESTS. WAS TRAINED ACCURATLY IN A 9MM FOR OVER 10 YEARS IN THE NATIONAL GUARD. HIS WIFE KALONIA TOLD THE COURT HE WAS HAVING KIDS WITH OTHER FEMALES WHILE MARRIED AND HE DID SAY BY HIS OWN STATEMENT HE Carried his gun EVERYWHERE! Not to mention an Eye-witness stating she had saw Mr. Jennings walk by Ms. OKeefe's car, heard gunshots then saw him run away. We know from Tom Bevel, the top forensic expert in the Nation if not world testified that NO GSR could be found on Jennings gloves because he admitted changing gloves prior to the arrival of Police arriving. Also we have Mr. Jennings letting a 60yearold female go down to a crime scene alone!? Then once she yells at Mr. Jennings to get down there he see's signs of life, GUN SHOT WOUNDS who he was trained to treat in the Military and does nothing but leave the scene, pick up a shell casing and tell Iris Malone his supervisor that ohh it was a 9mm and then just tosses it back on the ground wow! As for DNA we know that by merly using the drinking foutain we can get someone elses DNA on us. Is why Jennings DNA wasnt found was because he killed her with his one pair of gloves, ran back to his car as eyewitnesses testified. Put the Gun and gloves back in his car then put on different gloves. As for the Gun jennings said it was his babby and carried it EVERYWHERE! There were none of Jennings hair on OKeefe because he has no hair, no head hair, no facial hair. Furthermore, ****HE ASKED DET. LONGSHORE IF THE DA'S OFFICE WOULD BE WILLING TO CONVICT HIM FOR MANSLAUTER IN A CASUAL CONVERSATION! This guy needs to be off the streets and in Prision for the rest of his life! He is a threat to our society as well to our children! Lock him up and throw away the key! Lets not forget the evidence that didnt come out about his confession to killing her to a former co-worker!!! WOW A CONFESSION! That: Guilty! Done Deal, Game Over. Beyond ANY DOUBT in my Mind because of the following: Jennings said he was 100 percent sure no one left the lot or no one came in. Jennings Confesses to killing OKeefe to a Co-worker. Jennings changing his gloves after the Shooting, the eye-witness to the murder, Jennings talking about being excited to see a dead girls breats!!!? Theres too many to point out! May God Bless the victims family, our thoughts and prayers are with them. THERE IS SO MUCH PROOF BEYOND NOT ONLY A RESONABLE DOUBT BUT ALL DOUBT, SEND JENNINGS TO PRISION ALREADY SO HE CANT HARM OUR TEENAGERS OF THE AV, ESPECIALLY AN 18 YEAR OLD VIRGIN CHEERLEADER HONORS STUDENT FROM QUARTZ HILL HS WHO GRADUATED AT THE TOP OF HER CLASS!! BOTTOM LINE:JENNINGS KILLED MICHELLE OKEEFE ON FEB 22ND 2000!